Wildfire Hazard Assessments

Is your home prepared to fend off an ember storm?

While most fear a wall of flames sweeping over our community, fire researchers note that it is the ember storm, that comes before the flames, that often does the most damage…causing spot fires within communities that ignite structures and tax fire department and mutual aid resources. However, science shows that structures can survive radiant and direct heat, as well as firebrands (embers) through mitigation efforts.

Note how there are homes (pictured below), still standing, after the Elephant Hill fire at Boston Flats, 2017. The home and surrounding landscaping didn’t provide the conditions for ignition and remained unscathed.

How do you determine if your home or business is prepared for a wildfire?

Site (Home or Business) Assessments

Understand your level of risk! Each home and business has qualities that make them more or less susceptible to wildfire property loss. Having an assessment done on your individual properties will provide you with an understanding of that risk and mitigation efforts that can be done to lessen said risk.

Community Assessments

Work with your neighbors! While site specific assessments can helps individuals manage their individual level of fire risk, community (or neighborhood) assessments can help to build a collaborative plan of action to protect the community as a whole. Community assessments can also be done to assist in the FireSmart Community Recognition Program process.

Contact the Merritt Fire Rescue Department ‘s Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, Krista Minar, for a FREE site and/or community assessment within City of Merritt limits.