Who We Are


We are dedicated to:

  • educating the community and youth to promote awareness, safety and the prevention of fires
  • our I.M.P.R.E.S.S core values
  • protecting our community through response to emergencies, while giving peace of mind

We are passionate about our families, our members and the safety of our community.


At the Merritt Fire Rescue Department we are passionate about promoting harmony, fellowship and opportunity.
We are proudly different and believe in our key values of Integrity, Mentoring, People, Response, Empathy, Service and Safety.

Integrity: Conduct ourselves in an honest, fair and sincere manner; one which instills trust in others.
Mentoring: Take time and effort to coach, mentor and pass down knowledge.
People: Demonstrate leadership, fellowship, encourage growth, communication, training opportunities and a fun working environment.
Response: Firefighters maintain a respectable call volume and attend training regularly.
Empathy: Show compassion and sympathy to the plight of others.
Service: Provide first class service to the Citizens of Merritt and fellow firefighters.
Safety: Support and promote new and innovative ideas / programs to ensure the safest working conditions possible whether at emergency incidents or in the fire station.


Merritt Firefighters

The City of Merritt firefighting force carries untold benefits. These include but are not limited to community pride, community service, public education, public safety, and emergency incident response and fundraising events. The Merritt Fire Rescue Department consists of forty-two (42) highly skilled and motivated personnel. Every firefighter can be described as a progressive, innovative, and mechanically oriented individual who is dedicated to providing a superior level of emergency service through the experience, knowledge and training each has attained.

Our firefighters respond to a variety of emergency situations, over 750 annually, including; all fire-related incidents, various types of rescue calls, hazardous materials incidents, motor vehicle extrications, public assistance, as well as public education, public relation activities and an increasing number of medical incidents as the level of service the community receives has been expanded. These broadening demands on the fire service have made it necessary for firefighters to continually upgrade their skills through professional development programs, to ensure that we continue to provide, and the citizens continue to receive, the courteous and professional service that they have been accustomed to.

Teamwork, compassion, loyalty, honesty, bravery, integrity, accountability, camaraderie, and the ability to react and adapt very quickly under stressful situations are all qualities our firefighters possess.