Events & Workshops for Students

Educating Young Learners

Our goal is to offer free specialized educational opportunities for all Merritt students (including preschool students), suited to their needs & development.

Those interested in taking part in public education programs below are encouraged to contact our Fire Life Safety Educator, to find out more. Availability may be limited and is subject to emergency calls on the day of; please ensure that if you are registering your class (by phone or e-mail), that you do so by the “book by” listed below.

Please note: due to Covid-19, the hall is currently closed to the public.

In response to Covid-19, Merritt Fire Rescue has adjusted to meet the health & safety needs for students, staff and our firefighters. There will be two options offered to SD58: Merritt students, to either take part in our programs virtually (through Zoom) or In-Class (Meeting the standards laid out by the school board for visiting presenters).

Preschool (Daycare Students): Engine Tours

Provided to daycare students in Merritt in conjunction with Fire Inspections in the last two weeks of October. Meet the firefighters and tour the trucks. Book by: TBD

Preschool (Daycare Students):What’s Hot? What’s Not?

For daycare and StrongStart students, at your center in Merritt, during the month of February for Burn Awareness Week. Students will learn to identify objects that can cause burns and the importance of telling an adult if they come across them.
Book by: TBD

Kindergarten: Virtual Hall Tours

Get a sneak peek into the inner workings of Merritt Fire Rescue; hosted with Sparky the Dog. Includes a Q&A and storytime with Sparky. Book by: Available Year Round*

Grade 1:Fire Fact Fun/Science de Feu, C’est fantastique!

Learn basic fire & life safety messages including: “Tools vs. Toys”, “Smoke Alarm Sounds” and “Two Ways Out” in your classroom, during the month of February. Part-time french instruction is available where appropriate. Book by: January 15, 2021

Grade 2: Wildfire Science/Feu de Fȏret

Learn basic wildfire science, how to prevent fires & how firefighters fight wildfires in your classroom during the month of May. Part-time french instruction is available where appropriate. Book by: March 15, 2021

Grade 3:Fire Prevention Week

For more information Check out the BC Fire Prevention Week Contest Page

Grade 4: Team Building & Communication

What does it take to be a firefighter? In June, Merritt Fire will challenge grade 4 students to train and team build with us. Book by: May 15, 2021

Grade 5: Fire Risks/ Le Problème des Incedies

Learn the potential hazards of the home and within the community, as well as the consequences of firesetting. In your classroom, during the month of November. Part-time french instruction is available where appropriate. Book by: October 15, 2021

To accommodate Covid-19, MFRD will be hosting a second opportunity during the month of March 2021, please Book by: February 15, 2020

Grade 6: Fire Science: Close Before You Doze/Science de Feu

Understand fire behaviour and the importance of safe exiting practices, in your classroom, during the month of January. Part-time french instruction is available where appropriate. Book by: December 15, 2021

Grade 7: Wildfire Science/ Feu de Fȏret

What causes a wildfire? How can you prevent them? Can homes be protected? Learn those answers and more, in your classroom (with an outdoor field-trip option), in May. Part-time french instruction is available where appropriate. Book by: April 15, 2021

High School Students

Various educational opportunities, adapted to your classroom, available including

CPR Awareness: Learn the basics, hands-Only CPR and the signs & symptoms of Heart Attacks and Strokes to build confidence and capacity in students, should they ever be required to perform this lifesaving skill in the future.

Burn Awareness: Project-based learning at it’s finest! Fire Life Safety Educator challenges teachers this year to include this key fire safety component in as many classrooms as possible, consider:

  • writing or reading about the experience of being a burn victim
  • creating public awareness campaigns in various mediums 
  • creating a cookbook with fire safety messaging throughout
  • preparing a theatrical production around burn awareness
  • learning burn first aid

the ideas are limited only by the creativity of you and your students. Support this learning by having a firefighter take part and/or educate in the learning process.

Wildfire Science: The ability of wildfire to ravage a landscape is awe-inspiring…and no mystery! It’s science. Take part in either a condensed 1-session Wildfire Science Presentation or a 4-session experience (with or without an outdoor component) and delve into the not-so-mysterious science of how fires move, how firefighters combat them, and how we can all do our part to lessen our risk.

Fire Behavior: Understanding Fire Safety: You’ve heard it before… “Stop, Drop & Roll”, “Get out & stay out”, “Crawl Low Under Smoke”, “Have Two Ways Out”… It’s time to delve into the “why”, looking at the science of those fire safety messages. From fire growth to the products of smoke, this 1-session presentation will broaden your student’s understanding of this incredibly necessary and abundant component of our daily life.

NEW: Fire Extinguisher Training: Available for senior students, learn the theory and practical skills of using a fire extinguisher with a live-fire demo.

Event or Workshop Request
We are dedicated to educating the community and youth to promote awareness, safety and the prevention of fires. Our events, workshops, presentations & hall tours are made available free of charge to those who reside within Merritt City limits (with some exceptions made for those who reside within our fire protection boundaries). Request a program below, our Fire Life Safety Educator will be in touch shortly.
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