POC Application


Please read the information prior to completing the Application Form.  This information will outline the entrance requirements and selection procedures for the position of Paid-On-Call Firefighter for the Merritt Fire Rescue Department.


Minimum Qualifications:   (Required at time of application)

  1. Canadian Citizenship or Landed Immigrant.
  2. Between the ages of 18 and 60 years.
  3. Must be in good physical condition and able to successfully complete a physical test.
  4. Hearing must be normal without aids.
  5. Vision will be according to the standards established by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles as a prerequisite for a Class 3 Driver’s License.
  6. Must live within 12 km of the firehall (1799 Nicola Ave) at time of application.
  7. Possess a favourable criminal record that will not bring the fire department into disrepute or hampers one’s ability to obtain a First Responder’s Medical License.
  8. A favourable Driver’s Abstract that has less than 6 points in any one year or less than 9 points in the five-year history and must not have any 214/215 suspensions or any other impaired driving conviction or any Superintendent of Motor Vehicle caused suspension.


  1. Availability to respond to daytime emergencies.
  2. Advanced First Aid Training.
  3. Previous firefighting or other related work.
  4. Class 1 & 3 Driver’s License or air brake endorsement.
  5. NFPA 1001 or 1002 certification.
  6. Post Secondary Academic Diploma.
  7. Technical, Trades or equivalent level.
  8. Considerable Mechanical Aptitude.
  9. Agility and strength to perform prolonged and arduous work under adverse conditions.
  10. Ability to react quickly and remain calm under duress.

               NATURE & SCOPE OF WORK:

POC Firefighters are responsible for the combating, extinguishing and prevention of fires and saving of life and property within the City of Merritt Fire Protection Boundaries to Department standards.  POC Firefighters participate in training as required by the Department training program. 

Without restricting the general nature and scope of the work, the following are illustrative examples of work which may be expected in the classification of Paid-On-Call Firefighter:

  1. Is prompt to all meetings and training.
  2. Familiarizes themselves with and abides by fire department procedures, rules and regulations.
  3. Familiarizes themselves with the handling, care and maintenance of all department equipment.
  4. Attends promptly when the alarm is sounded.
  5. Lays and connect hose, directs water streams, raises and climbs ladders, uses portable extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, and all other firefighting, rescue, tools and equipment.
  6. Searches for and rescues persons from danger.
  7. Ventilates premises to release heat and smoke; places salvage covers to prevent water damage.
  8. As assigned, drives and operates a motor-driven firefighting apparatus.
  9. Remains on the scene of an incident until given permission to leave by the officer-in-charge.
  10. Returns to the fire station after incidents and practices to assist in cleaning of equipment and making the apparatus and equipment ready for the next alarm; reports the loss or damage of apparatus or equipment.
  11. Cleans and maintains his/her own equipment and ensures its ready state.
  12. Ensures his/her name has been recorded on the attendance sheet for alarms and training.
  13. Serves on any committee to which he/she may be elected or appointed.
  14. Maintains a 75% annual attendance to regularly scheduled training. (100% during probation)
  15. Performs related duties as required.

Application Information Check Sheet

  1. Ensure that the entire application is filled out and submitted either electronically (below) or paper copy
  2. To be submitted in person, 1799 Nicola Ave, Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-4:30 PM:
    • Letter from your Doctor stating your ability to perform the “Recruitment Physical”
    • Signed and Witnessed, “Deed of Release for Practical Evaluation”
    • Current, within 10 days, driver abstract attached
    • Photocopy of your drivers’ license; both sides
    • Copies of all transcripts referred to in your application
    • Copies of all course certificates referred to in your application
  3. Merritt RCMP Detachment Police Information Check, picked up at the firehall (1799 Nicola Ave) and submitted to the Merritt RCMP(2999 Voght St). Please allow a minimum of two weeks for Police Information Checks to be completed.


Please note: the following form is not saveable. Please allow for adequate time to complete the form.

Our online application is currently down, please contact (250) 378-5626 for more information.

Unit #/Street #/Street Name/City/Postal Code)
After moving here, you have 90 days to switch over your licence. You can drive with an existing, valid licence in the meantime. For more information see ICBC: Moving Within Canada
A charge or conviction of an offence does not necessarily preclude consideration for the position of firefighter. Any violation will be judged on the basis of its relation to this occupation.
This form can be found on the Paid-On-Call Recruitment page.
This should include scheduling conflicts and workarounds for day and night response.
Current Position Title
Or indicate "self-employed"
(Start date/Length of time with the company and known end-date if applicable)
A full description is required to consider this form complete.
May not be related by blood or marriage.
May not be related by blood or marriage.
Indicate frequency and for how many years.
Please describe in more detail above (with frequency and number of years).
Indicate frequency and for how many years.
Indicate frequency and for how many years.
Consider children, spouse, work, hobbies/recreation time and any other commitments that may influence your ability to respond.
From (Month/Year) To (Month/Year)
Copies of Certificates are required with the rest of the documentation, found on the Paid-On-Call Recruitment Page.
Copies of Certificates or Transcripts are required with the rest of the documentation.
From (Month/Year) To (Month/Year)
Include (1) Name of Institution, (2) Program, (3) Level Completed, (4) Dates Attended, and any other relevant information.
Proof of completion is required with the rest of the documentation.
Copies of Certificates or Transcripts are required with the rest of the documentation.
Copies of Certificates or Transcripts are required with the rest of the documentation.
Type, Month/Year
Length of Time, From (Month/Year) To (Month/Year)