FireSmart for Business Owners

What is FireSmart?

FireSmart is living with and managing for wildfire in our landscape. The science from previous fire seasons has afforded us the ability to identify guidelines that can best prepare homes and businesses for survival under a wildfire threat.  These guidelines are broken down into FireSmart principles. The goal is to create a defensible space where embers are unlikely to cause small fires that will in turn catch the structure on fire.

Managing wildfire risk is a shared responsibility with all community members, however, each might share that responsibility differently. Business owners have a unique role to play in the protection of our community. Business and building owners can take part in applying FireSmart principles to their buildings, as well as educate those to whom they serve. This can be done by providing services, merchandise and expertise that reflect the FireSmart principles. Most importantly, businesses can act as role models and leaders, moving us forward to a FireSmart City.

Consider this:

The overall projected economic impact on the 2017 wildfires in Fort McMurray is upwards of $9.9 Billion USD.

Which begs the question…how would the City of Merritt fare faced with a similiar situation?

How would your business fare?

Become part of the solution.

  • Become a FireSmart Business 
    • Choose fire-resisitive materials for your building
      • Consider your roof, siding, windows, doorways, eaves and openings
    • Choose fire-resistive landscaping & decorative materials
      • Consider awnings, planters, outdoor furniture etc;
    • Have a fire escape plan
      • Consider a wildfire escape plan
      • Ensure all employees are aware of and practice the plan
  • Become a FireSmart Champion
    • Advocate for FireSmart principles
    • Educate your clients and customers on the importance of choosing fire-resisitve products
    • Make fire-resistive products and services known and available for clients and customers
    • Provide and attend training to ensure your company represents the latest science and understanding of FireSmart principles
    • Share and promote educational opportunies for your staff, clients and/or customers to take part in

There are a number of FireSmart resources available for download that can guide the mitigation process, checkout the FireSmart webpage for Guide to Landscaping, FireSmart Around Your Home, and Begins At Home Manual. 

For more information, contact Krista Minar, Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist/LFR.