Firefighter Spotlight

Welcome to our Firefighter spotlight section, recognizing the dedication and passion put forth by our members.

Lieutenant Brent Manning

“It’s not the size of the firefighter, it’s the drive and determination that matters”

Newly appointed Lieutenant, Brent Manning reflects on almost 10 years of service with Merritt Fire Rescue fondly. While Lieutenant Manning jokes that Backdraft was the inspiration for his love of the fire service, in truth, it stemmed from childhood. Listening to his father’s scanner in the lower mainland, it was one fire in particular, a fully involved church and firefighters doing “everything they could to help and save it. I knew then I wanted to do that.” Later working as a fire protection technician, then becoming a welder by trade, the fire service continued to call him. Becoming a lieutenant this year being a moment of pride and “favorite memory…that’s one thing I’ve worked hard for since I started” for Lt. Manning. When asked what lessons have been learned in the years, it’s understanding that there is “always new things in this industry [to learn], you never know everything”. While the idea of that can be daunting to many, the challenge is what pushes many firefighters like Lt. Manning. That and “my kids, showing them that no matter what, there’s always help coming and [you should] always help those in need. Being a small town, you’re always going to help someone who you know or your friends know.” While an inspiration to continue to serve, it is also the support of Lt. Manning’s family that makes his service possible. “I couldn’t be where I am today [without them]. I want to thank my 2 beautiful daughters for being understanding when Dad has to leave and, my firehall family, for their support, mentoring, and being my second family”. We want to thank Lieutenant Manning and his family for their continued service and commitment to our community.