Firefighter Spotlight

Welcome to our Firefighter spotlight section, recognizing the dedication and passion put forth by our members.


Captain Jeff Johnson

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” Eleanor Roosevelt

In 2006 Merritt Fire Rescue Department welcomed (now) Captain Jeff Johnson, a hardworking firefighter with 5 years experience from his home community in Princeton, B.C. At the time when Captain Johnson had started his fire service career he was “single, and wanted to stay busy. I had Uncles and good friends [who served] and they heavily promoted the idea.” An idea that came with challenges and was sure to keep him on his toes, something Johnson appreciates.  Nearing the clock on almost 20 years of service, Johnson’s experience evolved from single to married with two children, Madison (11) and Athyn (6). When asked how he the evolution of life changed his experience of the fire service, he noted that he was lucky because his wife Stephanie “had 5 years in the fire service, so she’s an awesome support…it’s not as easy, there’s a search for balance, but life is good”. Part of that balance, managing 22 years at a family owned logging business where he works as a Supervisor.  And like his life, the fire service evolved with him, becoming a Lieutenant in 2008, later Captain in 2012. While Johnson says he’s not one “that likes to give advice” when asked what he would share with the next generation of firefighter’s, he did speak about “keeping an open mind…dedicating yourself to the process…and taking it all in” as much as possible. Something he lived and that shows in his experience, leadership and excitement for years to come. “There is so much new to look forward to. New skills, new ways of doings things…and the changes are usually for the better, the techniques [make] it [the job] easier.” We want to thank Captain Johnson and his family for their service and commitment to our community through the years and moving forward.