Firefighter Spotlight

Welcome to our Firefighter spotlight section.

Here we will recognize and profile one of our members every couple months.

Battalion Chief Darrell Finnigan

Train for the worst, hope for the best outcome at each and every call.

Born and raised in the community of Merritt, giving back to the community was the motivating factor for joining the fire service for our, now, Battalion Chief Darrell Finnigan.

Finnigan started his firefighting experience back in 1992 at the Dallas Fire Department in Kamloops, B.C. before coming back home and joining Merritt Fire Rescue Department March of 1993. Raising through the ranks, twenty-five years later, his dedicated service and leadership is carried on by his continued passion to help his community, and wish to provide mentorship for new recruit and WEP firefighters.

Outside the fire hall, Finnigan has contributed to the community with 17 years of service with the City of Merritt, 10 of which was spent as Superintendent of Public Works. In 2017 Finnigan took on a new challenge and role with the School District of #58 as Operations Manager. Using skills from his professional and fire, Finnigan’s leadership continues to mold the department to meet the demands of the ever-changing fire service.

When asked about those who have supported and contributed to his ability to continue to serve he responded, “I have very patient and an understanding family. But most importantly I couldn’t be who I am at the Fire Department without the support of my wife Tami. Over the past 25 years there has been many nights, holidays, cancelled vacations, family outings that I had to leave or was unable to attend so I could help others and Tami has always been there to support me.”